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Advertisers Welcome!
So you’ve seen our site and, if you’ve clicked on this link, the chances are you want to know how you can get involved. And, to be perfectly honest, we don’t blame you.
Essentially there are two ways you can make your business, operation or organisation part of 101Malta: either as one of the main site sponsors or by having a detailed listing in the category of your choice.
Both are extremely effective ways of getting your message across to the thousands of people who visit our site every month. People who are, by and large, either on their way to Malta, already there or seriously thinking about visiting.
Site Sponsors
The packages for our sponsors are designed to give these organisations maximum exposure throughout the site. Each sponsor, and the number is permanently limited to 10, receives:
A logo on the scrolling banner on the home page
One of 10 rotating banners on the top of the site
One of 10 rotating banners on the right hand side of the site
An article in the appropriate section of the site (where applicable)
The price for sponsorship of 101Malta is just €750 for an entire year, making it one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your business to a truly captive market.
Detailed Listings
There are three sections on our website which essentially work as information directories. They are ‘Places to Stay’, ‘Go Shopping’ and ‘Eat, Drink and Relax’. Each of those sections is divided into sub-categories. For example, Places to Stay is divided into 5 Star Hotels, 4 Star Hotels, 3 Star Hotels and so on. And it is here that you can list your business. Each of these sub-categories is limited to a maximum of 10 listings, each of which will contain:
A 300-400 word article about the business in question
Up to five photos about the organisation
A link to your corporate website
All the relevant contact details
Your business can be listed in one of these categories for just a few cents a day. Contact us for further information.
101 Malta Traffic
Launched over three years ago, 101 Malta is a leading internet travel guide, offering detailed information about travelling to Malta, . Our site gets traffic through two main sources – organic searches and paid clicks. 101 Malta  is a search engine friendly site and ranks highly for many keywords like, for example, Malta Travel Guide. Additionally we spend heavily each month generating traffic from paid search results. 101 Malta generates tens of thousands of worldwide visitors every month.