Malta Knights Extravaganza

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Aside from the spherical chocolate sweets, the best-known Maltesers of all time have to be the Knights Hospitallers of the Order of St John of Jerusalem. They were also known as the Knights of Malta, the Malta Knights, the Knights of St John or the Knights Hospitallers. This notorious bunch of nobles had a massive influence in shaping this nation – as you’ll discover at this attraction!  

If you have no idea what these legendary fighting men contributed to Malta, or even if do have a vague idea, then you’ll inevitably find out so much more by visiting an unusual attraction that goes by the grand name of the Malta Knights Extravaganza! It tells the knights’ story through a musical theatre production – and you get fed too!


So now the history bit! The Knights of Malta could quite feasibly have been known as the Knights of Rhodes when they first landed on this isle in the 1530s. For it was from that Greek island they were forced to flee to escape the might of the Ottoman Empire, an Islamic bunch from Turkey with a penchant for invading new lands.


The Knights were granted sanctuary on and control of Malta by the Pope and they began to work with the locals to fortify the island ready for the inevitable onslaught from the Turks. Conflicts with the Ottomans was increasingly becoming a battle of religion, as their ceaseless march through Europe was seen as a threat to Christianity.


It took until 1565 for the Ottoman fleet – estimated at 40,000 men – to come knocking on Malta’s door. But the Knights were prepared, ready and waiting and entered into a bloody, fierce and famous conflict against the Turks and by connection the Islamic faith that came to be known as the Great Siege!


The Maltese, led by the Knights were fought not only to retain their nation but to maintain the right to worship the Catholic faith.


The Knights held out and won a famous victory but at considerable cost. The numbers killed in the siege were estimated to be a third of all Knights plus a third of the island’s entire population. The Turks also suffered massive losses and were sent packing never to return. As a result, the Christian church breathed a massive sigh of relief that the Ottoman threat had been derailed.


As a mark of thanks for the landmark victory, gifts of gratitude in the shape of huge amounts of money began pouring into the island from other European Christian countries. This prompted the Grand Master de Valette to construct a new heavily fortified capital city next to the island’s main port. It was named after him too - Valletta. The Ottomans’ rise had been halted. Christianity in Europe was safe.


The Malta Knights Extravaganza is a live musical performance based on the events of the Great Siege. It features a cast of 50 performers, eight very clever horses, spectacular costumes and an original musical score. You get to witness everything from live battles to dance routines as this thrilling story is told.


It is staged in a purpose-built arena on the Montekristo Estates and has been enjoyed by thousands of foreign and local patrons, securing its place as a must-see Malta attraction.


The show is staged twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the holiday season - June to September. In the winter months it’s on once a week on Thursdays. Your ticket includes a three-course meal, wine and soft drinks. Admission is €48 for adults, €24 for children aged between 12 and 16 and free for under 12s.


The Montekristo Estate is just off the Triq Hal Farrug, which is the road that runs across the north of the airport in Luqa. Use the contact details below for more information and bookings.

Further Information

Address: Montekristo Estate, Triq Hal Farrug, Valletta LQA 3078
Phone : +356 2203 3000

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