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The average yearly temperature is 22–23 °C (72–73 °F) during the day and 15 °C (59 °F) at night. Sunshine hours total around 3,000 per year

The average rainfall per year is just 578mm.


Malta has 3 large natural harbours on its main island; these include the Grand Harbour in Valletta and Marsamxett Harbour


There are more than 360 churches and chapels in Malta, Gozo, and Comino, or one church for approximately every 1,000 residents (and one for every day of the year with a couple left over).


 The population of the Maltese Islands is more than 450,000 and rising.


The electrical supply is 230 volts +/- 10%.  The frequency of the supply is 50 hertz. The 3-pin rectangular plug "English-style" system is used.


Malta has 2 official languages - English and Maltese.


Try to avoid the strongest sunlight between the hours of 11am and 3pm in summer months.


Malta’s megalithic temples date from as far back as 3800 BC.


In an emergency – call 112 for an ambulance.


The telephone number for the Government Information Service is 153.


Malta covers just over 300 km² in land area, making it one of the world's smallest and most densely populated countries


The smallest of the three inhabited Maltese islands, Comino, is only 3.5 km².


It is said that in 60 AD the apostle St Paul was shipwrecked on the island while on his way to Rome and brought Christianity to Malta.


The religion of the island of Malta is 95% Roman Catholic.


You have got to be 17 years of age to legally purchase alcoholic drinks in the Maltese Islands and 18 to be allowed entry into a casino (locals are not allowed entry until they are 25!)


For the sporty types, the Marsa Sports Club lists an 18-hole golf course, 18 tennis courts, 5 squash courts, cricket grounds and a swimming pool.


Malta is the country with the most public and national holidays in the European Union with 14 holidays a year.


Malta’s currency has been the Euro since 2008. Before this, the currency was the Maltese lira.

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