Blue Lagoon - Comino

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This is not an article advising you to watch a dodgy ‘coming-of-age’ film from the 1980s – the one that earned notoriety for the divine Brooke Shields swimming topless. We certainly would never recommend that! This is about the Maltese Blue Lagoon – an enjoyable experience that does not require you to fast-forward through an hour of dull nonsense before anything interesting happens! 

Malta’s lagoon is actually on the tiny sister island of Comino – the one that sits between Malta and Gozo. And once you’re there, unlike the film of the same name, its impact is immediate.


This one is rare, beautiful and wellworth seeing for a number of reasons. The main one is that this lagoon is renowned among many of the locals as the best and most picturesque swimming location you’ll find anywhere on the Maltese islands. It’s made extra special by the fact that it is flanked on either side by two beautiful sandy beaches.


OK, so you might think that having a couple of fine sandy beaches is no big deal in a Mediterranean holiday resort. However, Malta is not big on beaches of the sandy variety. Rocky beaches, yes, they can be found all over the place but if you’re after quiet swathes of soft sand backed with a few palms trees then you’ve come to the wrong place!


True, there are a few bucket and spade family-friendly sites over here, and thanks to a number of reclamation projects, that number is increasing. Yet, while Malta may not score high for sandcastles, when it comes to swimming it gets an ‘A-plus’ – and top of that swimming class has to be the Blue Lagoon


As the name suggests this location guarantees some of the bluest waters around the islands. The lagoon is clear, cool and turquoise - perfect for splashing around in whether that’s above or below the water with mask and snorkel.


As well as those unusual small sandy beaches at the sides of the Lagoon, there’s also a selection of rocky ones nearby – all perfect for exploring. But back to that water, which is not only why most people come here but also what gives the place its name and is what makes it truly beautiful.


Yes, there’s something about the water that makes it even more attractive to swimmers and that’s the fact that you’ll find no boats are allowed to enter the lagoon. This guarantees that you are as safe as possible while padding around – free to take in this painfully picturesque location.


As we mentioned earlier, this lagoon is on the coast of Comino and that is a whole different island! So, unless you’re Michael Phelps, you’ll need a boat of some description! Don’t worry though if you don’t have one in your hand luggage because there are plenty of regular boat trips to the lagoon and they leave from a variety of places.


What you’ll need to do if you don’t have a car is ask at your hotel or tourist information, or just pop into any of the many shops selling tourist excursions in prime locations around the island.


Alternatively, if you drive or get the bus all the way up to Cirkewwa, where the ferries leave for Gozo. Here you won’t need to look too hard to find boat trips to the Blue Lagoon. They are fairly cheap too, which makes this place one to most definitely add to your ‘to do’ list. 

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