Malta International Airshow

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You can’t help but think the Wright brothers missed a massive trick! When George Stephenson unveiled his revolutionary steam train he had a cool, sexy name – Rocket! So what memorable name would those American siblings bestow on a radically new machine that could actually fly? Well, given the chance to put something in the history books forever, they chose [Drum roll] .. Flyer! 

Flyer!? I ask you! How rubbish is that?! And that, my friends, is why no-one knows the name of the first powered aircraft and everyone knows the name of that confounded train. Still, in spite of the Wrights’ best efforts, everyone loves planes.


They’re exciting and people enjoy watching them perform, especially if it’s under a beautiful blue sky on a lovely warm day. Something a bit like the Malta International Air Show!


This popular fixture on the island’s calendar takes place towards the end of September. Over the years it has become established as one of the best shows of its type in the Mediterranean. It has also become a major tourist attraction and has been helped enormously by being on an island that can provide some spectacular settings and backdrops for participants and the spectators. It always draws a big crowd.


Malta has a fairly rich aviation history, not least because of the various aircraft from the Allied Forces that were based here in World War II. So it has been no surprise that this air show grew so fast following on from its first appearance on the scene in the late 1980s.


The ever-increasing numbers of participants now display a wide selection of models, services and feats that thrill the crowds. If you want to know what’s on the agenda for the next air show then it’s worth checking out the website. Here you’ll find a list of the aircraft that will feature in the aerial programme, as well as timings. More detail appears as the date of the event approaches.


There’s information on here about the facilities provided for the general public too, as well as those with any special needs. And there’s important information  about how to get to the air show either using your own transport, public transport or on organised trips.


Please note that not all the action takes place in the skies. On the ground there are various trade stands, which will be showing off and selling items of interest, not only to the aviation-minded visitors but also for the kids.


If you’re in Malta towards the end of September then we thoroughly recommend you put this show on your list. The static displays on the ground are extremely interesting, while the overhead show is clearly the highlight and often stunning.


We also advise you go to the show website as there is much more information on there, as well as details on how to book tickets and the best ways of getting to the showground, which is, of course, close to the airport in Luqa.


Standard admission to the show is €12 for adults but it’s free for all under 14s. If you buy tickets in advance you can get substantial reductions and pay just €10. They can be bought in the run up to the event from the Information Desk in the Departures building at Luqa International Airport.


On the two days when the show in on, special buses run to the site from City Gate, Valletta, to the Airshow Gate, in Hal Farrug Road. This too is recommended and return tickets on the bus cost €5. 

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