Malta Arts Festival

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Patrons of the arts can often be found tapping their fingers impatiently in the early summer, as they eagerly await the opening of the annual Malta Arts Festival. This is a celebration of theatre, dance, music and art and provides lots of extra stuff to do and see for tourists too - if you happen to be around in July.

It actually takes place through the first three weeks of the month and while it carries the tag of Malta’s festival, most of the activities, performances, exhibitions etc are focussed around the capital, Valletta.


There are the odd one or two to be found elsewhere – like in the striking cities of Mdina and Birgu (one of the famous old Three Cities and also known as Vittoriosa) but to be honest, it doesn’t really matter. You can drive to Mdina from Valletta in 20 minutes, while Birgu is just across the other side of the Grand Harbour so there are no massive distances involved.


You’ll find all participating locations will be awash with the vibrant colours through the duration of the festival and alive with the sounds of art-in-the-making.


You’ll have a chance to see performances from the best arts groups from the Maltese islands, as well as from overseas as the event welcomes hundreds of talented performers. There are also exhibitions, workshops and various street performances staged as part of the whole event.


By July, Malta is already basking in very warm weather and so the majority of performances are held in open-air venues. This also goes some way to giving this festival its unique flavour and atmosphere.


So, if you are here during July, do not miss the opportunity to spend at least one evening at the Malta Arts Festival. There’s a wide range of events to check out and everyone should find something that floats their boat!


If you like food and wine as well as the arts – and who doesn’t – then you’ll be delighted to learn that the festival also incorporates a food and wine event called Strada. This takes place in South Street and Strait Street in Valletta. While you sample some culinary delights artists and musicians will be providing street entertainment to keep things lively.


Malta Arts Festival is organised by the Malta Council for Culture and Arts. You can find out more about who will be performing and how to buy tickets on the web link below.


There are reductions available for students and anyone over 60 and while children under 12 years can see certain performances free of charge they still need a ticket to get in. 

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