Malta International Choir Festival

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Is there a sound on earth as heavenly as that of a talented, well-rehearsed, quality choir? Well, if you’re not sure then you can find out by attending Malta’s dedicated festival for choirs.  Be aware that you may have a wait though because this one only comes around every two years.

Yes, the Malta International Choir Competition Festival of Sacred and Secular Music is actually biennial – but we don’t have a section for that on the website so it’s in here! What we can tell you though, is the experience is far better than the long and clumsy name! In brief, it’s a chance to hear some of the sweetest singing around.


The festival is held in the odd numbered years at the beginning of November and has been for more than two decades. Competing under the festival umbrella you’ll find various categories of choirs that come from all over the world. The competitions and performances take place in various locations, ranging from theatres to churches and several other public places on both Malta and Gozo.


Different choirs of varying styles and levels of achievement are invited over to participate, as well as a number of ensembles and music groups. It comprises an optional competitive part, as well as performance and the decision as to whether they want to compete or just sing for the fun of it is down to each choir. At the end of the festival, the best of the participants are presented with awards and certificates.


All performances are open to the public with the Sacred Music Competition usually held in the appropriate setting of the St Publius Parish Church, in Floriana, Valletta. The competitive secular music section takes place close by at the Catholic Institute.


There’s usually no shortage of applications to the organisers from choirs who are queuing up to show what they can do at the festival. It’s not unusual to have more than 500 choristers flooding into the country, singing with more then 20 different international choirs.


Nations to be represented in previous festivals include: Germany, Bosnia Herzegovina, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, and of course Malta.


If you sing in, or conduct a choir, and like the sound of a trip to Malta to show off your heavenly harmonies at an esteemed and respected festival then check out the website to find out more.


Choirs generally find it the festival to be a rewarding experience. If you take part you get to know people from many other different countries, cultures and religions, as well as being able to pick up some tips and sing in some memorable venues.


There are plenty of categories to perform or compete in, including sacred vocal polyphony a cappella, sacred music - open category and popular choral music. And the best thing is that you also get plenty of ‘down time’ that allows you to explore Malta.


You can find contact details for the festival below. It’s not a mistake that is a German address. Interkultur is one of the joint organisers of the festival.

Further Information

Address: Interkultur, Am Weingarten 3 35415, Pohlheim, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 6403 9565 25

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