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According to those nameless experts that are always being quoted in media reports, watching fish gliding around in a tank is good for your blood pressure. That’s why you often find them in doctor’s waiting rooms! And though they might take your mind off your ingrowing toenail for a minute or two, nothing is as enchanting as seeing some fishy friends in the wild. 

As far as piscatorial pals in Malta are concerned, the wild is the sea - and the easiest and cheapest way to see them in there is with a facemask and a snorkel. Malta is perfect for a bit of submarine swimming because the water here is so clear! Beneath those rippling aquamarine waters you’ll find a very active and colourful world just waiting to be discovered.


Snorkelling is a great and fun activity, easy to do for anyone of any age who has mastered the basics of swimming. It’s also relatively inexpensive to set yourself up with the equipment. All you need is a mask, snorkel and if you want to fly along like a seal with a scorched backside then you can also invest in a pair of flippers - but these are not essential.


The other main advantage to snorkelling in Malta is that the sea here is almost always warm. You can dive beneath the waves at any time of year, although if you are planning to spend any length of time under water in the winter months then it might be a good idea to squeeze yourself into a wetsuit to prevent various bits of you from shrinking, shrivelling or turning blue.


Exploring the underwater world quickly teaches you more about the creatures who live there and you’ll soon understand why people can get hooked on diving in the waters off the shores of Malta, Comino and Gozo. All you need to do for a successful dive here is keep flapping your legs and not to forget to breathe!


Snorkelling is becoming an increasingly popular recreational activity for visitors with many hotels and holiday resorts offering lessons as well as snorkelling activity excursions throughout the summer months.


The islands have some fascinating reefs to explore and it won’t be long before you come across some of the many fishy inhabitants that live there – not to mention the cephalopods, starfish, sea urchins, and molluscs. Snorkelling in the sandy areas may also provide you with some extremely exciting sightings of rays and various flatfish – if you’re lucky!


Other items to put on your ‘to see’ list ahead of a snorkelling trip in Malta include various forms of seaweed, jellyfish, shrimps and many other colourful species. If you are extremely lucky then you might even get chance to swim alongside a ray or a sea turtle. It is rare to see these beautiful creatures though, so we can’t guarantee it.


So, if you can swim, have even the very slightest passing interest in nature, or if you have ever stared with intrigue at the fish in the tanks in garden centres or the local Chinese takeaway then invest a few Euro on a mask and snorkel. After that all you have to do is pick your spot and take the plunge. You might be surprised what you can see down there!

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