A Day At A Beach Club

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If the three ingredients for your perfect holiday are fun, sun and sea then Malta can certainly provide on all counts. However, you can take all of these to the next level by spending a day in one of the island’s many beach clubs. 

Beach clubs trade on the incredibly dull and repetitive nature of the Maltese weather. And when we say dull we don’t mean it in a drab and cloudy way. No siree, we mean dull as in predictable and repetitive as in exactly the same every day – sunny and absolutely glorious! 


In fact the most exciting part of a weather forecasters life on Malta happens when their script alters from ‘Sunny and 32C’. OK, so it only changes to ‘Sunny and 33C’ but they have to be thankful for small mercies here.


You’re looking at 300 days of sun a year, which, using rudimentary maths, doesn’t leave much scope for any other type of weather. The climate is mild in the winter too, so there’s no wonder Malta is considered one of the best for fun, sun and sea.


Malta’s coastline is blessed with miles of beautiful sandy and rocky beaches, while the deep blue and light blue crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea are perfect for swimming, sunbathing and water sports.


To help you get the most out of a day at the beach, there are many beach clubs providing everything you’ll ever need and more besides. If you’ve never come across the concept before, a beach club is somewhere you can relax, laze under the glorious sun, enjoy a refreshing swim, have a nice snack or sip a cool drink. All beach clubs have plenty of sunshades, umbrellas, sun beds, deck chairs, showers and everything else to you might wish for.


The staff will sell you beach accessories like lilos, flippers, snorkels, goggles, beach balls, sun block and any other item that might help make a lovely day at the beach even more pleasant.


Those (like a certain woman I could name) who are convinced that a giant shark or monster octopus will grab them if they venture into the crystal clear waters of the Med’ will also be much happier at a beach club. That’s because most of them have fresh water swimming pools, as well as providing access to the sea for those willing to brave the monsters out there!

Beach clubs also give you the opportunity to try activities - ride the waves and show off your best tricks on exciting wind-surfers, water skis, towable tubes, water-sledges, wake boards and speed boats.


If you want a real thrill then ride above the sea with parasailing! This is similar to paragliding and you’re essentially strapped into a parachute and attached via a rope to the back of a speedboat. You then fly high and fast above the waves, dangling your little legs as you enjoy the view.


You can take scuba lessons at some beach clubs that will cater for beginners and experienced divers, and it’s always best to dive before lunch so you can work up an appetite!


If all this high-octane extreme activity talk is worrying you then there are plenty more laid-back pursuits to try instead. Try paddling a canoe, sailing a dinghy or snorkelling, for example. Beach games are offered at some sites too, so if you really want to get the most out of your holiday on Malta, head to one of the many beach clubs. 

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