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Malta has followed recent social demands and trends by offering health conscious visitors the chance to continue their passion while away from home. So it’s now possible to indulge in the best inter-continental, ethnic or traditional foods, then quickly burn off those excess calories before you grudgingly take the trip back home.

Most top-class hotels on the island boast of state-of-the-art gymnasia and there are numerous spas and fitness and leisure centres too. Here, you can pretty quickly assuage your guilty conscience by watching the calories you’ve previously packed away count down one by one on a digital display.


This new trend and aspect in holiday-making has caught on as more and more people become conscious of the need to be relaxed and refreshed but in good shape physically when they return home and venture back to work.


While tourists may want to show off a newly acquired tan, they certainly won’t enjoy displaying their new chins and bulges. Young couples, especially, are today keener than ever to plan a holiday that has both balance and binge, ie plenty of fun and gastronomic adventure set against an equal share of self-care and physical well-being.


In Malta, you can achieve this easily and cheaply. If you are not keen on handling weights and other gymnastic gadgets, there is always walking, power-walking and jogging along the many seafronts, where people of all shapes and sizes converge to fight the calories war. This is popular among the locals so you certainly won’t be alone but be aware of the temperatures, stick to the cooler times of the time and take plenty of water on board.


Of course, the other option that’s in plentiful supply on Malta that you most likely won’t have such easy access to at home is swimming. Any beach will do and in the hot sun, it’s far more palatable than getting severely overheated as you pound the pavements in your running shoes.

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