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So exactly what is it that makes dolphins cute? OK, so they’re mammals but they’ve got much more of a fish about them than say a cat or a dog, and you never catch people saying: “Ahhhh, what a cute looking haddock!” or “Isn’t that seabass sweet!”

And yet, there’s something about a dolphin isn’t there? Whether it’s the permanently smiley face, those clicky noises they make or the fact they look ike they’re clapping, we all love ‘em!


The ultimate dolphin experience, of course, is to jump into the water and have a splash around with them and that’s a real possibility in Malta. Their loyalty towards humans and their loving and peaceful character also make them the perfect creatures to have a swim alongside.


To do it you need to head to the Mediterraneo Marine Park – the only one of its type in Malta and the only place where you can swim with these beloved sea creatures. 


The Mediterraneo offers a unique opportunity to adults and children to admire, learn, enjoy and interact not only with dolphins but also with many other wonderful creatures including sealions, parrots, pelicans, iguanas and more.


Every day the park hosts wonderful shows of entertaining dolphins and sealions, all in action under the guidance of professional trainers. And while the dolphins are undoubtedly the stars at Mediterraneo, the group of South American sealions are also a big hit with park guests.


Their demonstrations of strength, agility and awareness, blended with humour and an informative commentary, are always popular.
 You might also be surprised to learn that the methods applied to train dolphins and sea lions can also be put to good use at home since they may also be applied to train your pets too!


When you book a swimming session with a bottlenose dolphin, which lasts approximately 1 hour, you will be supplied with a wet suit and life jacket; attend an educational documentary about Cetaceans and Conservation; receive personalised supervision by an experienced animal trainer and you will also be granted entry to all the Marine Park shows.


This unforgettable experience can also be filmed by your loved ones at no extra cost, while photos taken by staff members can be purchased after the session.  The only things you need to take with you to swim with dolphins are your swimsuit and a towel.  


Keep in mind that this facility offers far more than just entertainment - it is an experience designed to help people of all ages learn and get closer to all these amazing creatures.


The Mediterraneo Marine Park is situated alongside the sea, at “White Rocks” Bahar ic-Caghaq, adjacent to the Splash & Fun Water Park, Malta’s only water fun park.


Contact Mediterraneo for more details on swimming with dolphins, or, if you’re a qualified and experienced diver, aged 12 or above, you can also book an hour-long diving with dolphins session.  

Further Information

Website: www.mediterraneopark.com
Email: info@mediterraneopark.com
Address: Tul Il-Kosta, Naxxar
Phone: +356 2137 2218

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