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In our article dedicated to renting a car on Malta, we said that it was still the best way of seeing the island. We lied … well, we sort of lied because it is the best way of getting around and seeing the island – unless you are an experienced biker with a motorcycle licence!

If that’s the case, then you’ll know from riding at home that on a bike there are no traffic jams and there are no parking problems – so that eliminates the only two issues you might encounter driving in Malta.


Meanwhile, back home the only problems bikers might encounter - aside from idiot drivers (and they’re everywhere) is the weather. It could be cold, rainy, foggy, icy – it might even snow! In Malta, you’ll be massively unlucky to see any of the above conditions. It will be hot and it will be sunny. Essentially, wear some shades and you’re sorted!


On a hired bike, provided you don’t get lost, you can be anywhere within a period of no more than half an hour. Head for beaches, countryside, popular bays, hotels or restaurants, historic and charming Valletta, trendy Sliema or St Julian's, party central in Paceville, the national stadium, gym, ancient Mdina, the theatre, cinema, even the port to hop across to the sister island of Gozo – all in half an hour tops – on a bike!


The rental companies here will provide you with the latest models as well as the paraphernalia that goes with them – such as roadmaps and short-term insurance policies.


The rates are cheap and though the road surfaces may test the suspension more than most places they continue to improve and have done for some time. The fact is that, if you keep your eyes on the road, ride sensibly and don’t blast around like a lunatic then there’s no reason why experienced riders should not hop on a bike in Malta.


Clearly, it helps if you have plenty of experience and if you spend some time planning your trips in advance so you know which places are on your way when you come to signposts. After a couple of days getting used to the layout of the island and the idiosyncrasies of the Maltese motorists, you should be fine.


Just bear in mind that ‘give way’ is seen as an option as opposed to an order to most drivers over here, especially at roundabouts, where quite often it’s a case of ‘he who dares wins’ when it comes to getting across the island first. It won’t take you long to get the hang of it though and there’s nothing quite like the thrill of blatting down the seafront astride a throbbing motorcycle with the sun on your back! Beats sitting in a mobile air-conditioned tin can any day of the week!

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Website: www.europcar.com.mt/

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