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It’s a bit of a no-brainer really. If you can manage to get through this and understand it!! English is the international language of business but there are two countries to choose from in Europe when it comes to learning how to speak it. Those are the rainy old UK, or sun-drenched Malta. So, where you gonna go?

As one of the island’s two official languages, English is widely spoken and traditionally embraced. That’s why there’s such a fantastic success rate enjoyed by English Language schools in Malta, and why more and more foreign students opt to follow their studies on the island, rather than go to the bigger, more expensive establishments elsewhere – which is where rainy old England comes in!


The Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta (FELTOM) is responsible for setting, improving and ensuring the maintenance of standards in all respects of English language courses in Malta. Member schools are governed by a Code of Academic Conduct, which incorporates a mechanism for customer protection. So they’re the ones to choose.


Federation schools are responsible for some 70 per cent of all EFL students registered annually in Malta with Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Russia and Switzerland being the principal markets.


The majority of students are adults who enrol for short, medium and long term courses throughout the entire year. Younger students follow short-term courses mainly during the summer months and the Easter festivities period.


All schools offer accommodation, particularly at English-speaking Maltese host families. Educational and commercial activities in Malta are strictly governed by legislation and national regulations.


A course in English as a Foreign Language in Malta offers you a fantastic year-round warm climate and plenty to do when you have no lessons. It’s also a chance to learn in a safe environment with history at every step you take, not to mention all the culture and sports/fitness opportunities.


Choosing Malta for your English language course puts you one step ahead of the rest by providing exceptional value for money, and allowing students to benefit from the expertise of many established and reliable schools.

Further Information

Website: www.ecenglish.com/learnenglish/
Website: www.belsmalta.com
Website: www.ese-edu.com

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