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All women should know that though the man in your life might be in touch with his feminine side, be metrosexual, a caring father and might even cry at the end of romantic films, the truth remains that given half a chance, he’ll sit and stare at attractive young ladies in their bra and knickers!

That’s why strip clubs and lap-dancing bars continue to prosper throughout the world, and why Gentlemen’s Clubs have emerged on the island of Malta. These facilities are a fairly recent addition to the ever-growing list of attractions available for visitors to Malta. The basic concept is simple. You sit and sip on fine wine or Champagne surrounded by a bunch of very attractive lingerie-clad female companions.


Who in their right mind would argue against that being a top night out … except maybe the aforementioned female in you life?


But assuming you have a ‘pass-out’ for the night, or are maybe on a stag do, then Malta’s Gentlemen’s Clubs can provide all red-blooded chaps with a fun and exciting environment for an informal saucy night out. They’re also good for spending time with business associates or friends, or for any tourists looking to spice up a night out with the guys.


Usually, admission and Champagne are free if you are celebrating your birthday or on your stag party and, in either case, you and your friends are guaranteed a memorable time. 


Inside, you’ll discover amazing live shows are often presented and you can enjoy your favourite drink in the VIP areas while being entertained by some of the island’s most beautiful women, who just happen to be wearing very few clothes.


And that’s where these clubs differ from those in most other countries. The girls here will always be wearing clothes because public nudity is prohibited here. For example, you’ll perhaps know that topless sunbathing is prohibited. What this means is that while the women in these clubs will be happy to entertain you with a sensual lap dance, their underwear will remain in place throughout.


Such rules ensure the clubs retain a much more classy atmosphere, especially when compared with some of more sleazy counterparts in other countries. These are actually quite smart and respectable places.


You might want to use this information as part of the case for the defence when trying to explain your visit to any disgruntled wives or girlfriends. OK so the line “But she kept her bra and pants on!” is not the strongest defence in the world and won’t cut much ice but it’s better than nothing!


A bunch of Gentleman’s Clubs seems to have gravitated towards the coastal site of St Julian's in recent years, where three of them can be found in St George’s Road - Steam, Stiletto and Déjà vu. Another popular one, AO Club, is further north on the island in St Paul’s Bay. You’ll find that one in Kavetta Street. 


You have to be 25 or older to get in so if you look anything like that age you’ll be best advised to take ID with you because they will ask.

Further Information

Phone (Steam): +356 2137 1316
Phone (AO Club): +356 2158 1073
Phone (Stiletto): +356 2701 6889

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