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We all dream of being stars in the music world, selling more albums than Adele or Lady Ga Ga and living in a gold-plated house with hot and cold running servants and a chocolate fountain in the entrance hall. It's just one of those things that appeals to millions, like playing professional sport or winning the lottery. 

Sadly, not many of us will ever get the chance to make it big in this highly competitive world, especially if it sounds like someone has stepped on a cat when you open your mouth.


However, there may still be hope! Thanks to Malta's fantastically set-up and very reasonably priced recording studios, you too can cut a disc. It may not go triple platinum in a dozen countries but hey, if it makes you happy! Across Malta there are numerous studios that are all geared up to cater for the most discerning international and local talent.


So why not take advantage of them and lay down that track you have been working on for years at home in your bedroom? Alternatively, there is no reason why established stars, who might have happened across this couldn't opt to record their next big hit in Malta.


With sun, sea and so much nightlife all around, the island makes the perfect venue for studio work by day and fun time by night. Or the other way round if you prefer.


Top Maltese and international singers and groups have had successful access to these studios, as have numerous budding singers and musicians seeking to record their first album. So why not you? As with most things, you’ll find favourable rates in the studios here when compared to some more established European equivalents.


Temple Studios offer a full range of services and has hosted bands like Rammstein and Vivid in the past. It is also the studio where the soundtrack to the Hollywood film Munich was recorded. Contact details are below but there are other studios on the island like Noise and 1212.

Further Information

Address: Mistra Bay, Malta SPB 15
Phone: +356 2157 4833

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