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If there’s one thing Malta is not short of, it is jewellers. There are scores of them on the island and they are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship in creating delicate and extremely intricate filigree jewellery.

It’s a hangover from Malta’s history under the Knights of St John of Jerusalem that silverware on the island is of the highest quality and is very much sought after by collectors. This is because all silver and gold products are certified for authenticity and hallmarked accordingly.


Not surprisingly, such items are very popular with tourists, who look to buy Maltese filigree jewellery, thus keeping the tradition alive. Sadly, the products from this wonderful craft are not as popular with the locals!


Common purchases by visitors are gold bracelets and pendants or earrings in the shape of the Maltese cross. These can come as small and light as a paperclip or as large and chunky as a full-sized tuba.


A good place to visit if you’re after genuine, hand-crafted Maltese jewellery and filigree is the Ta’ Qali Craft Village. There, you can even watch the craftsmen create your piece in both silver and gold. Alternatively, you can make your choice from a vast selection of intricate filigree brooches, bracelets and earrings and other designs that are already complete in the shop.


Aside from the artisans in the craft village, you can also find plenty of other modern jewellery shops, ranging from your normal high street shop to the kind of place that refers to its customers as ‘clients’ and where the prices appear to have at least two extra numbers in them than you’d ideally like. You’ll find all the major names in jewellery and luxury accessories available on the island, especially in places like Sliema and St Julian’s.


In Valletta, meanwhile, there is an entire street – St Lucia Street – which is packed almost door-to-door with jewellers. This is easy to find, as it’s the one that runs along the back of St John’s Co-Cathedral right in the city centre.


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