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Tattoos are more fashionable now than they have been at any point in living memory. Driven by heavily inked sports, pop and film stars, it seems everyone is now following suit and having a design for life created on their skin. So why not take home a souvenir from Malta that you’ll have no problem getting through customs and can’t get smashed by baggage handlers? A tattoo!

Tattooing is a subject that splits people right down the middle. Some people, like football superstar David Beckham, for example, are covered in them. While others wouldn’t ever dream of defacing their bodies with any kind of imagery, no matter how well done and tasteful it might be.


But whether you view tattoos as a glamorous enhancement of the body, a form of artistic self-expression - or you reckon they’re ‘tramp stamps’ that make people look cheap and tasteless, you need to be aware of one thing. You can’t rub them out!


There are many well-documented cases of permanently inked regrets. Take Cheryl Cole, who had ‘Mrs Cole’ on the back of her neck a couple of years before Mr Cole started to put it about a bit with various other women. Tom Arnold had a picture of Roseanne Barr’s face over his heart and not long after, wished he hadn’t, while Johnny Depp’s ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo was regretted when it was proved to be a wildly inaccurate description.


We’re not her to tell you whether or not to get a tattoo but merely to think carefully about the implications and to be aware that it’s a distinct possibility on Malta.


You’ll find a number of specialist tattoo parlours around and they’re operated by some very capable and talented artists. They’ll sort you out with anything from a small butterfly in a place that only your extra special friends might get to see, or a subtle Eastern symbol with deeply considered meaning to something much more elaborate and in your face or even a picture of Mickey Mouse on your buttock!


The service will be fast, cheap and highly professional while every one of the studios on the island also operate to the very highest levels of hygiene and are carefully regulated and maintained, so you’ll be safe too. So if you’ve been mulling over the possibility of getting a tattoo then why not get it done while you’re on holiday in Malta and give yourself a permanent reminder of what is guaranteed to be a memorable trip? 


Some studios also offer semi-permanent body art for the less daring traveller. These fade over time but do give you a chance to get used to the idea of getting some art of the permanent variety. 

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