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Most people’s first sight of the ‘casino scene’ comes courtesy of Hollywood films. These usually show tuxedo-clad millionaires – with long-gowned beauties on their arms – betting thousands at the roulette, poker or craps table. They’ll also be drinking Champagne, or some exotic cocktail too. If you fancy a bit of that then it's available in Malta!

OK, so we can’t guarantee the leggy lovely, or that you might turn into one if you happen to be female, and we can’t provide you with a brick-sized block of notes to squander. But there will be plenty on your night out that resembles the scenes you might see in the cinema.


Most casinos are fairly swanky places anyway so you get a feeling of glamour when you walk in. It’s not necessary to wear full dinner suit with black tie, or a full-length evening dress – smart casual is the dress code but no collarless T-shirts, swimwear or flip-flops please.


It’s also rare that anyone will be staking their house on black on a roulette table. Casinos are much more about people hoping to bet a few Euros and have some fun. You don’t need to have a bin liner full of banknotes to take part.


A top tip is to set yourself an upper limit – an amount you are fully prepared to lose – before you set off. The chances are that you will lose it too, otherwise why would these places exist? So don’t go expecting to make your fortune by gambling. Expect to lose and if you make anything over the evening, consider that a bonus!


For many people, especially first-timers, it comes as a pleasant surprise to discover how dangerously simple it is to play at the gambling tables and how little money you need to enjoy a night out in a casino.
The people running the game, or your fellow gamblers, will be happy to help you out by explaining how the games work and none of them is terribly complicated.


You’re probably not a millionaire but it’s damn good fun pretending to be one for a few hours! And should you fall lucky in a few hands of poker or black jack, or see that ball bearing drop into your number on the roulette wheel then suddenly it all gets very exhilarating.


For tourists there are quite a few casinos on Malta to choose from. They all have dining facilities, bars, entertainment schedules and they all operate standard table games like those mentioned above and perhaps a few more variations on poker, or dice games. 


As well as the gambling tables, most casinos also have a range of state-of-the-art slot machines in a pleasant, smoke-free environment. And when it comes to budget then you needn’t worry. The tables can cater for all sizes of wallet.


As gambling goes, a casino is about as much fun and glamorous as it gets – much more exciting than placing bets online from your home, which seems to be the way of things these days.


Be aware that there are strict age restrictions in Malta’s casinos. Admission is prohibited to under 25s if you’re Maltese or under 18s if you have a different passport. You may well be asked to produce that or another official form of ID so take it with you to avoid disappointment.

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