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Take people away from their homes and put them is a strange country and they'll suddenly get the urge to do all kinds of different activities. They'll do stuff on holiday they would not dream of attempting in their everyday life back home. Things like base jumping, tombstoning and para-gliding! But what do you do if you’re afraid of heights?

Well, you can go for something safer and have a go at water-skiing or wreck diving. But what if you’re afraid of depths too!


Well, provided you’re OK with widths then you can do a lot worse and do many things that are less exciting than to rent a quad bike. This is an absolute blast irrespective or the issues you might have with any kind of dimensions and those funny cars with no bodies and handlebars instead of a steering wheel are perfect for the Maltese Islands.


These fun machines are a brilliant way of getting around the island, seeking out the beaches and nipping through the traffic without feeling confined to a suffocating car interior or being blasted with air-conditioning. Feeling the natural warm wind in your hair (and the flies in your teeth) is a massive plus in the hot summer months.


Quads are much safer than bikes because they are much more difficult to fall off. (Although, from personal experience I can tell you that if you’re exceptionally stupid and muck around on them in a foolish way in fallen leaves, then you can turn them over and they'll stall. But provided you’re quick then the rest of the group don’t see you putting it back on its wheels and you get away with it!)


Renting a quad bike in Malta is very easy and makes a lot of sense - especially when there are some roads rammed full of traffic and smattered with pot-holes. You won’t even notice them as you cruise over with your chunky tyres!  


Additionally, the freedom of a quad bike allows you to visit some of those tucked away places that are not accessible to bigger vehicles or tour buses. They’re also so much easier to park than a car.


Quad bikes can be rented at very reasonable rates on Malta and Gozo, and people seem to have grown used to their drilling sound as they politely move aside and make way for you to go through. Just don't forget your crash helmet because unlike some other countries, it’s illegal in Malta to ride without one.


You can secure yourself some serious on and off-road quad action by booking yourself or your loved one on the Quad Experience offered through our sister site Something Different. They’ll sort you out with en exhilarating day out in Malta and can even arrange for a guided quad tour on Gozo. You can get details of the quad options available by clicking through on the link below.

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Web: www.somethingdifferent.com.mt

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