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Think of the marathon and the same question always pops up – why would any sane person want to run 26 miles 385 yards in one go? It’s not even as if anyone is holding a gun to their head and making them do it! They do it for pleasure! Pleasure!?

Well, it seems that there are many different ideas of what might constitute pleasure in the world. So for those of you who seem to get some sort of kick out of pushing your body to the limit then here’s some information about the Malta Marathon.


At this point, the same people who are already wondering why anyone would want to put themselves through such immense amounts of pain and discomfort, are now wondering why anyone would want to perform such an arduous physical feat in Malta? Where it’s very hot!


But no matter what the non-believers think, the fact remains that lots of those who like to run around the streets also like the idea of running a marathon in Malta and lots of them sign up and do it! At least the race organisers make some concession to the climate and stage the race in one of the coolest months - February – which gives participants half a chance of getting around the course alive!


On a less flippant note, the Malta Marathon does help to raise thousands for good causes. Most runners are sponsored and compete for a charity of their choice.


This particular event has gained an international reputation over the years for offering a sublime mix of sun, historic sights and fun for all of those who take part. Runners range from established marathon veterans and top international athletes to beginners, housewives and even the odd freakily fit pensioner.


More and more people it seems like the idea of combining their holiday with some sightseeing and a run around the marathon course. And when you consider that Malta measures only 17 by eight miles then you can appreciate you’ll see an awful lot of the island if you complete a route in excess of 26 miles. And what sights there are!


In fact, it wasn’t easy to come up with a route that didn’t go round and round in circles. What the organisers did do though was to start at the island's highest point and finish at the lowest. And even though it takes place in the middle of winter, runners are still surprised by the pleasantly warm temperatures that prevail.


For those runners who can’t handle the full circuit, there’s also a Half Marathon course so check out the website for more details on the link below. It’s also worth looking for some of the flight and accommodation packages available for runners.


The website also provides you with details of the course route, information on all the past results and it’s where you can get hold of an official entry form.

Further Information

Address: Land Rover Malta Marathon, PO Box 1, Zebbug, Malta

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