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You have to feel sorry for dentists! Like lawyers, doctors and traffic wardens they’re people that no-one ever wants to see. Most people look forward to a trip to their local surgery about as much as clearing out a blocked toilet with their bare hands – but it can be made that much more pleasant by visiting a dentist in Malta.

If you happen to have a set of gnashers that are perfectly straight and parallel – teeth that look like the fridge display in your local electrical superstore - then you can stop reading this now. We’re not advocating you make an appointment and book a flight on a budget airline for a 10-minute check-up.


We’re talking to those of you whose teeth are far from perfect but maybe you’ve always longed to have a smile like Halle Berry – one of those glamorous immaculate Hollywood grills!


We’re talking to those of you who will need some fairly serious attention to achieve that look  – something like a cosmetic whitening treatment or a complete set of new immaculate veneers to hide your inconsistent incisors.


Now, under normal circumstances, you would not be thinking along the lines of shooting over to Malta to have some serious dental work done. But if you keep reading we will attempt to put forward a fairly well-reasoned argument that could yet convince you of the wisdom of this plan.


Firstly, and it would make no sense even starting this article if this were not the case, Malta has some excellent dentists. They all operate to the highest European standards and are all very well versed and practiced in the most modern techniques and practices.


Secondly, and the biggest attraction about the dental surgeries and treatments in Malta, is that when you compare them to other places, certainly those in Europe, they are very competitively priced.


Yes, there are some countries where you need to take out a mortgage to pay some millionaire with a Mercedes to give you fillings you don’t need. But that’s not the case here, where the costs are as reasonable as dentists get and there are plenty of qualified practitioners ready, willing and able to sort overhaul your overbite.


But hang on, we’re missing the other key factor in convincing you to have a mouth makeover in Malta and that’s it, right there - it’s in Malta! You’re combining your cosmetic treatments with a holiday. Imagine how much less daunting a trip to the chair is when you can have a couple of hours on the beach beforehand and maybe nip off to seafront restaurant to sink your new teeth into a nice lunch afterwards.


If you get yourself a good last-minute deal then by the time you’ve saved the money on the bill and paid for the trip you might still be up on the deal compared to the price back home - and you get an extra holiday into the bargain. You’ll also come back with a healthy glowing tan to help set off your magnificent glowing teeth!


Take some time to click around on the web and you’ll find a good choice of dental practices to choose from. Give them a ring and talk through what it is you want done. Most are very happy to discuss your treatment and work out a possible treatment  schedule for you. See, not such a crazy idea after all … is it?

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