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So we know all about the beautiful beaches, the dazzling warm sea and the guaranteed sun but what are you going to do after dark? Well, if you like a lively night out, busting some moves on the dance floor long after the time when Cinderella’s glass coach departs then you’re in luck. Malta’s club scene is alive and it’s kicking!

OK there may not be the volume of venues or the air of cool as you find attached to other sunshine clubbing favourites like Ibiza or Ayia Napa, but you can still have a damn good night out and you might be surprised by the dance culture that exists in Malta.


You’ll actually find an impressive array of top-rated clubs, as well as an ever-growing list of noteworthy DJs and music producers on the island. Some of the world’s finest DJs like David Guetta, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, and Tiësto have, in recent times, hosted regular large-scale events in Maltese clubs.


The best starting point and the only place most people find they need for a Maltese clubbing experience is Paceville (pronounced pah–che–ville). It’s the Maltese nightlife capital - party central, if you like. Among its well trodden and lively tourist-strewn streets you’ll find a wide variety of clubs, bars and lounges, as well as restaurants, a cinema, a shopping mall, and a bowling alley. The clubs range from heavily commercialised teen-traps through the whole spectrum to R&B hotspots and steamy salsa bars.  


Some of Paceville’s clubs have acquired an exalted, almost legendary status by standing the test of time, but much of the party landscape in this area is constantly evolving in line with all the latest trends. 


And if you need to take a break in between your club-hopping you’ll find the variety of bars here also keep pace with what’s hot. From sleek and stylish vodka bars to colourful and rowdy Irish pubs - you’ll also find them all – as well as most of the options you can imagine in between.


But it doesn’t all happen in this one small corner of the island – not by any stretch! So, if you’d like to turn up your Maltese clubbing experience by a few notches, then get chatting to some locals and ask them for some tips about where’s hot. They’re a friendly bunch on the whole, especially when they’ve had a drink or two in a club. 


Uniquely, as far as we can tell, the countryside is strewn with the odd unassuming and unlikely looking venue that transforms into the ultimate clubbing attraction during summer weekends.  Even seemingly innocent beaches can have the tendency to turn into all-night dance-fests. It’s just a case of knowing when and where to turn up for a memorable night dancing under the stars!


Another unusual experience to sample is the Maltese boat party. Large boats load up with a couple of hundred revellers and a bar-full of beer then head out to sea on a nightlong cruise around the Med’. As you cruise along, the DJs keep the party going, while the captain, presumably with ear plugs in, steers a safe course and stops the boat every now and again so those who need a little refreshment can jump into the warm, dark sea. After splashing around a bit to cool off, it’s back on board to strut some drippy stuff.


This is a blissful innovation. How often in the past have you been sweating like a slimming club member in a cake shop in the middle of a lengthy dance session and thought how nice it would be to be able to go for a swim? Well, this is your chance!


A few housekeeping points to note are that smoking is illegal in indoor venues and the minimum age for drinking in Malta is 17. If you look too young then chances are that you will be asked to produce identification so take it with you or you could be waving at your friends through the windows.

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