Smart Supermarket

The Smart success story goes back to the early 1980s. At that time the company used to produce shirts. There was however a shift in the market with most international manufacturers moving to other countries in search of cheap labour.

Carmelo Grech decided that it would make sense to move out of the textiles market which was facing a slump.


During a visit to Australia Carmelo came up with the idea of opening up a supermarket. Smart Supermarket was eventually opened in 1981 in the rather limited space of the shirt producing factory.


At that time few people believed that the idea would survive as it had to compete with the great number of small groceries that controlled the market. However history more than justified the vision that the late Carmelo Grech had. His sons and daughters continue today in the footsteps of the father - giving service, choice and convenience to the shoppers.


In 2000, a Lm1.5 million project was inaugurated and this upgraded Smart to become one of the most important players in the area.

Further Information

Address: Smart Supermarket, Naxxar Road, Balzan.
Telephone: +356 2144 2728

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