Things To Do & Try in Malta

There’s no end to the list of things you can try your hand at on Malta. The fact that it’s surrounded by crystal clear seas and has a fantastic climate mean that outdoor activities, especially water sports, are very well catered for. The island is a paradise for divers and an ideal place to learn how to sail, snorkel, windsurf and water-ski. Fishing is excellent here too as, of course, is the sightseeing and there are any numbers of ways to tour the many attractions from carriage to quad bikes and horseback to open top buses. You’ll be short of things to do and we’ve compiled a great list of suggestions in case you get stuck.

Things To Do & Try

A Day At A Beach Club

If the three ingredients for your perfect holiday are fun, sun and sea then Malta can certainly provide on all counts. However, you can take all of these to the next level by spending a day in one of the island’s many beach clubs.  READ MORE

A Day At A Beach Club  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Attend An Auction

Sometimes you do something on holiday that you would never contemplate doing back home. Ironically, this then turns out to be a highlight, and one of the happiest memories, of your whole vacation. READ MORE

Attend An Auction  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Burn Off The Calories

Malta has followed recent social demands and trends by offering health conscious visitors the chance to continue their passion while away from home. So it’s now possible to indulge in the best inter-continental, ethnic or traditional foods, then quickly burn off those excess calories before you grudgingly take the trip back home. READ MORE

Burn Off The Calories  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Catch The Sliema Ferry

Spend any time in Valletta and you can’t help but be impressed by its magnificent and historic Grand Harbour. And if you make it to the lovely Valletta Waterfront complex when there’s a cruise liner in port then you’ll no doubt feel a pang of jealousy when seeing those lucky passengers, who’ve avoided all the traffic and parking...READ MORE

Catch The Sliema Ferry  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Charter A Boat

So you’ve just landed in Malta! Or you’ve lived here for your entire life. Or you’ve got family here and you come down a few times a year for a quick holiday. It doesn’t matter much, really, because whether you know the island like the back of your hand or you’re just venturing out to get your first taste of this little gem of...READ MORE

Charter A Boat  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Countryside Walks

Serious hikers think nothing of covering 16 to 20km or more in a day while some also incorporate some fairly serious hills along the way. They might reasonably wonder what opportunities could there be for some serious walking on Malta? After all, this is not a big island. How much walking can you do here?   READ MORE

Countryside Walks  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Cruise The Islands By Boat

On a site devoted to a very small island in the beautiful Mediterranean it’s no massive shock that activities involving the sea feature fairly prominently. Boats, in particular, are regularly mentioned and it would be a crying shame if you were to visit and leave Malta without having at least one nautical experience. READ MORE

Cruise The Islands By Boat  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Gay Malta

You’d think an island made up of a population that is about 95% Catholic would not be high on a list of holiday destinations for the gay traveller! You’d be wrong! The Maltese are an accepting and tolerant bunch, so the ‘pink Euro’ is welcomed here just as it is as anywhere else in Europe.  READ MORE

Gay Malta  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Gentlemen's Clubs

All women should know that though the man in your life might be in touch with his feminine side, be metrosexual, a caring father and might even cry at the end of romantic films, the truth remains that given half a chance, he’ll sit and stare at attractive young ladies in their bra and knickers! READ MORE

Gentlemen's Clubs  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Get A Tattoo

Tattoos are more fashionable now than they have been at any point in living memory. Driven by heavily inked sports, pop and film stars, it seems everyone is now following suit and having a design for life created on their skin. So why not take home a souvenir from Malta that you’ll have no problem getting through customs and can’t get smashed by...READ MORE

Get A Tattoo  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Get Lucky At A Casino

Most people’s first sight of the ‘casino scene’ comes courtesy of Hollywood films. These usually show tuxedo-clad millionaires – with long-gowned beauties on their arms – betting thousands at the roulette, poker or craps table. They’ll also be drinking Champagne, or some exotic cocktail too. If you fancy a bit of that then...READ MORE

Get Lucky At A Casino  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Get Married!

There’s something about weddings we’ve never quite been able to figure out. And it’s not why everyone has that hefty fruit cake covered in yucky marzipan when all guests would clearly prefer a jam donut! No, it’s why sane, intelligent women (let’s face it, blokes have no say in this) meticulously plan every imaginable detail of...READ MORE

Get Married!  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Get Your Teeth Fixed

You have to feel sorry for dentists! Like lawyers, doctors and traffic wardens they’re people that no-one ever wants to see. Most people look forward to a trip to their local surgery about as much as clearing out a blocked toilet with their bare hands – but it can be made that much more pleasant by visiting a dentist in Malta. READ MORE

Get Your Teeth Fixed  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Go Clubbing

So we know all about the beautiful beaches, the dazzling warm sea and the guaranteed sun but what are you going to do after dark? Well, if you like a lively night out, busting some moves on the dance floor long after the time when Cinderella’s glass coach departs then you’re in luck. Malta’s club scene is alive and it’s kicking! READ MORE

Go Clubbing  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Go Karting

We’ve all dreamed the Formula 1 dream, haven’t we? The one where it’s not Lewis Hamilton but you driving to a Grand Prix victory in a glamorous venue, taking the plaudits and spraying the crowd with Champagne. The reality is that it’s never going to happen - but you can experience the thrills and spills of high-speed racing on the kart...READ MORE

Go Karting  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Go On A Pub Crawl

Malta’s shores are crammed with different daytime activities. Thanks to the sun and sea you could stay for a month and not get through a fraction of the list of possibilities. But what do you do when the sun goes down? Why, you hit the pub of course, or if you want to make a proper night of it, you hit several of them.  READ MORE

Go On A Pub Crawl  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Go Snorkelling

According to those nameless experts that are always being quoted in media reports, watching fish gliding around in a tank is good for your blood pressure. That’s why you often find them in doctor’s waiting rooms! And though they might take your mind off your ingrowing toenail for a minute or two, nothing is as enchanting as seeing some fishy friends...READ MORE

Go Snorkelling  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Hire A Car

Driving in Malta has changed massively over past couple of decades, as the amount and standard of vehicles on the island has increased. Also experiencing massive upsurges has been the average speed and frequency of traffic jams, while available parking has plummeted. But do not be afraid, or put off, because in spite of all this, driving here is still fairly...READ MORE

Hire A Car  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Hire A Motorbike

In our article dedicated to renting a car on Malta, we said that it was still the best way of seeing the island. We lied … well, we sort of lied because it is the best way of getting around and seeing the island – unless you are an experienced biker with a motorcycle licence! READ MORE

Hire A Motorbike  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Hold A Conference

It is no over-statement to say that many regular tourists to Malta first discovered the island when attending a conference. Thousands of people every year come over on business and decide they need to return for a week or two on holiday and see the place properly.  READ MORE

Hold A Conference  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Honeymoon In Malta

Malta is ideally appointed to provide everything you need to make the happiest day of your life … the, err, happiest day of your life! And for any men reading, that’s not the day when your team wins the Champions’ League Final - the happiest day of your life is your wedding day, of course! READ MORE

Honeymoon In Malta  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Horse Riding

It was the great British wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill who once said: “When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have.” And who’s going to argue with him? Well, we are! Because while the seat is very important, you can still vastly improve the experience dramatically by altering the view – or put...READ MORE

Horse Riding  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Invest In Property

We’ve all done it! We’re on holiday, wandering along a shopping street when we spot an estate agent’s window. The thought process is pretty much the same for everyone: “It’s lovely here. I wonder how much it costs to buy something?” READ MORE

Invest In Property  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Karozzin Ride

You always do a bit of sightseeing when you’re on holiday. So, why not double the fun and spot those sights while having an enjoyable and memorable experience at the same time? This is simple to do in some of the main cities, where you can enjoy a guided tour in a traditional Maltese horse and carriage – a karozzin! READ MORE

Karozzin Ride  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Learn English

It’s a bit of a no-brainer really. If you can manage to get through this and understand it!! English is the international language of business but there are two countries to choose from in Europe when it comes to learning how to speak it. Those are the rainy old UK, or sun-drenched Malta. So, where you gonna go? READ MORE

Learn English  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Learn Maltese

Many visitors to Malta experience a sense of confusion when they land in Malta. Unlike most Mediterranean destinations, all the airport signs and directions are in English, the airport staff will answer any enquiries you have in English, while the officers on Passport Control will talk to you … in English. READ MORE

Learn Maltese  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Learn To Fly

If we are to believe the iconic American band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers then ‘coming down is the hardest thing’ when you’re learning to fly. He probably tried to learn on Malta because the rest of it – finding someone to teach you, perfect conditions, great views etc is dead easy!  READ MORE

Learn To Fly  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Learn To Sail

I always fancied having a go at sailing. Then, one day, as a student, the opportunity arose. Thing was, my first sailing experience was in extremely high winds on a reservoir … in Manchester …  in the UK … in October. It just about put me off for life! If only I’d begun my sailing career in the clear, blue and pleasantly warm...READ MORE

Learn To Sail  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Learn To Swim

It always comes as a shock that the Maltese don’t do better at swimming in the Olympics. After all, this island race lives a very outdoorsy lifestyle, they can swim almost as soon as they can walk and they spend half the year splashing about in the water. You’d think that would count for something! READ MORE

Learn To Swim  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Play Golf

If you’ve ever seen the horror film The Fly – the one where Jeff Goldblum does some complex scientific body transportation experiment and a fly gets into the chamber - then you’ll understand the irrepressible pull of golf!  READ MORE

Play Golf  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Record An Album

We all dream of being stars in the music world, selling more albums than Adele or Lady Ga Ga and living in a gold-plated house with hot and cold running servants and a chocolate fountain in the entrance hall. It's just one of those things that appeals to millions, like playing professional sport or winning the lottery.  READ MORE

Record An Album  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Relax At A Lido

If you love to lie around in the sun, take an occasional swim and sip on a cool drink then there are two ways to go in Malta. Firstly, you can hit the beach with everyone else. But if you have a morbid fear of sand, open water, seaweed or fish – or if you just like things a little more refined, then you should head for one of the many lidos.  READ MORE

Relax At A Lido  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Ride A Maltese Dghajsa

If there’s one thing more difficult to avoid on this island than the annoying couple that insists on sitting next to you in the hotel restaurant and boring you rigid throughout each meal, it’s the Mediterranean. On a small island like this, encounters with the sea are inevitable so you should endeavour to make them as pleasant as possible …...READ MORE

Ride A Maltese Dghajsa  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Ride A Quad Bike

Take people away from their homes and put them is a strange country and they'll suddenly get the urge to do all kinds of different activities. They'll do stuff on holiday they would not dream of attempting in their everyday life back home. Things like base jumping, tombstoning and para-gliding! But what do you do if you’re afraid of heights? READ MORE

Ride A Quad Bike  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Run The Malta Marathon

Think of the marathon and the same question always pops up – why would any sane person want to run 26 miles 385 yards in one go? It’s not even as if anyone is holding a gun to their head and making them do it! They do it for pleasure! Pleasure!? READ MORE

Run The Malta Marathon  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
See A Concert

When the biggest names in pop, rock and dance music embark on a tour today they are no longer about getting your work seen by the masses and promoting your latest album and more about packing huge venues with massive crowds and making stacks of money. Artists now go where the big crowds are and in the summer especially, there’s a pretty big crowd of folks...READ MORE

See A Concert  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Shop For Jewellery

If there’s one thing Malta is not short of, it is jewellers. There are scores of them on the island and they are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship in creating delicate and extremely intricate filigree jewellery. READ MORE

Shop For Jewellery  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Sightseeing Bus

Never discount a Sightseeing Bus Tour! Even though you may consider yourself a ‘traveller’ not a ‘tourist’, someone keen to immerse yourself in the culture of a new nation, these vehicles still have their place and provide an excellent and valuable service – especially on Malta! READ MORE

Sightseeing Bus  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Souvenir Shopping

It comes to us all at some point during every holiday. You reach a point where the end of your trip is in sight and realise that you’ve not bought any presents for your friends and family back home. More importantly, you’ve not snaffled anything for your own mantelpiece to serve as a memento of your trip. READ MORE

Souvenir Shopping  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Sport Fishing

The crystal clear azure waters of the Mediterranean provide the vast majority of outdoor activity opportunities for visitors to Malta. Some of them take place above the waves, while others involve exploring what there is beneath them. But this one is a mixture of both – it’s sport fishing! READ MORE

Sport Fishing  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Swim With Dolphins

So exactly what is it that makes dolphins cute? OK, so they’re mammals but they’ve got much more of a fish about them than say a cat or a dog, and you never catch people saying: “Ahhhh, what a cute looking haddock!” or “Isn’t that seabass sweet!” READ MORE

Swim With Dolphins  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Watch Glass Blowing

Innovation is a mystifying thing! What sort of mind thinks they will shape and bake a lump of clay into a pot after digging it from the ground? And who would get an oven-ready duck and think to pronounce that what it needs to set it off is an orange sauce? And who takes glass, melts it and sticks it on a giant metal straw and starts blowing? READ MORE

Watch Glass Blowing  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Watch Maltese Football

Football - the beautiful game! It’s been around for a very long time. The world’s oldest league club is England’s Notts County – founded in 1862. And while you might be surprised to know that the game’s formal origins stretch back that far, you could be equally shocked to learn the Maltese game was not far behind. READ MORE

Watch Maltese Football   Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Watch Maltese Lace-making

The longest-ever serving British monarch was Queen Victoria - who by all accounts and images recorded of her was a sour faced old bag. She was famously ‘not amused’ on many occasions but history reveals that all you needed to change her face from its default state of ‘like a slapped backside’ to ‘beaming smiles’ was a scrap...READ MORE

Watch Maltese Lace-making  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Watch Powerboat Racing

Fewer things in life get the adrenaline flowing like blasting along with your backside scraping ‘the surface’ with a hugely powerful engine roaring at your rear. Some people might do this in a car when the surface in question is smooth uniform tarmac. Pah! That’s for big girls! Those with serious balls do it in a boat when said surface is...READ MORE

Watch Powerboat Racing  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Watch Rugby

Rugby! Now that must be a difficult ‘sell’ to a new nation. Once you’ve been told that your job is to stop a 250lb man-mountain running at you at full tilt without the aid of a hunting rifle, you’ll be seriously and rightly concerned. But when you’re also told that you get none of that ‘namby pamby’ padding let alone a...READ MORE

Watch Rugby  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Watch Water Polo

So which bright spark came up with the name water polo? You’d reasonably think, given the name that this sport that it would bear some resemblance to normal polo. But there are no mallets, no boots, no saddles or bridles and, apparently, turning up to play in riding boots on a pony is very much frowned upon. All that aside, it’s immensely popular in...READ MORE

Watch Water Polo  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels

What's the hardest thing about waterskiing? Finding some sloping water to practice on! Ah, the old ones are the best! But seriously, Malta boasts warm, calm, crystal clear seas, baking hot sun and plenty of powerboats! Could it be any more perfect for waterskiing? READ MORE

Waterskiing  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels

There are few places in the world that are as perfect for windsurfing as Malta. Everything about it is perfect for this activity – in fact the only problem you might encounter is that the weather’s so good in the summer you might not have enough wind! READ MORE

Windsurfing  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Wreck Diving

OK, so Malta has got it going on when you consider the surface of things but what do you get if you take a peek below its outer garments? What’s horrors might we see hidden beneath those crystal clear waters if we donned a wet suit and went diving? READ MORE

Wreck Diving  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels
Write A 'Best-seller'

Since Roman and medieval times, Malta has played temporary home to many famous literary names in history, from Cicero, Coleridge and Lord Byron to Desmond Morris and Nicholas Monsarrat. And then there was the country’s homegrown famous literary son, Edward de Bono – he of lateral thinking fame. All sought help from the inspirational island.   READ MORE

Write A 'Best-seller'  Malta Things To Do & Try Holiday Guide Hotels