About Malta

There are many holiday islands in the Mediterranean but there’s only one Malta. It has immense history and heritage, incredibly warm, helpful and welcoming people, good public transport and fantastic weather – guaranteed! There’s a Maltese language but everyone speaks perfect English too so there’s no language barrier. There are also great beaches, excellent water sports, superb food, fun attractions and fascinating historic attractions to see. Malta may be small but it packs one hell of a punch!

About Malta

Getting There And Around

Malta bridges the gap between Europe and North Africa and though it only has the one small airport it sure is a busy little fella! You’ll find a surprising number of flights buzzing to and from the runway at Luqa in the south east of the island with the majority of large European airlines operating routes here.  READ MORE

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The Economy

Up until the end of the 18 th  century there was little commercial activity on Malta other than agriculture and fishing. The island produced some cotton and tobacco aside from food for subsistence but other than that and dockyard industries around Valletta, there was not much else contributing to the island’s economy.  READ MORE

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The Geography

Most people think of Malta as a single Mediterranean island but in fact it it is part of a group - an archipelago - due south of Sicily. Although distinctly European, thanks largely to being under the control of Great Britain for more than a century, it enjoys more of an African climate. But when you consider that in terms of latitude it's further south...READ MORE

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The History

Malta has had a long and chequered history and has in fact often been described as one big open-air museum. READ MORE

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The People

Maltese people are a bit of an enigma because they're not what you'd expect! In pure geographical terms the island is further south than Tunis, stuck between Europe and Africa. Consequently, in appearance, the Maltese can be quite dark and swarthy - almost Arabic looking! You'll find they exhibit few Eastern traits, however. This is without doubt a...READ MORE

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The Stats

The average yearly temperature is 22–23 °C (72–73 °F) during the day and 15 °C (59 °F) at night. Sunshine hours total around 3,000 per year READ MORE

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