Annual Events in Malta

As anyone who has been on the island in the summer time will tell you, the Maltese don’t half love a festival! Pretty much every town, village and city has a massive one every year with deafening and spectacular fireworks let off to mark each event. There are many other music, arts and beer festivals staged on the island that you should try and get along to if you’re trip to Malta coincides with them. For example, look out for the Malta Air Show, the Nadur Carnival or the magical Birgufest with its candle-lit procession.

Annual Events


Under any circumstances, a festival in the enchanting and historic city of Birgu would certainly be worth attending. And so the annual celebration of Birgufest with great food, music and historic re-enactments was always likely to draw a crowd. But then add the extra dimension of doing it all by candlelight and suddenly you have a truly magical night out.  READ MORE

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International Fair of Malta

Whatever the time of year, in Malta there is always some kind of trade fair going for you to visit and to browse at leisure. From bird shows, energy, gardening and boats to interiors, travel, property, food, drink and many others, these frequent fairs attract a lot of visitors, both local and tourists. READ MORE

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Isle Of MTV

Music festivals are big business these days. Across Europe, massive events now take place throughout the summer, featuring the biggest names in the modern dance, pop and rock world. Tickets costing well in excess of €100 - double that figure in some cases! Malta has a massive music festival too but with one massively significant difference – this one...READ MORE

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Malta Arts Festival

Patrons of the arts can often be found tapping their fingers impatiently in the early summer, as they eagerly await the opening of the annual Malta Arts Festival. This is a celebration of theatre, dance, music and art and provides lots of extra stuff to do and see for tourists too - if you happen to be around in July. READ MORE

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Malta International Airshow

You can’t help but think the Wright brothers missed a massive trick! When George Stephenson unveiled his revolutionary steam train he had a cool, sexy name – Rocket! So what memorable name would those American siblings bestow on a radically new machine that could actually fly? Well, given the chance to put something in the history books forever,...READ MORE

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Malta International Choir Festival

Is there a sound on earth as heavenly as that of a talented, well-rehearsed, quality choir? Well, if you’re not sure then you can find out by attending Malta’s dedicated festival for choirs.  Be aware that you may have a wait though because this one only comes around every two years. READ MORE

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Malta International Fireworks Festival

What time of year do you set off fireworks where you live? Time was when there was one set day of the year for lighting up the sky in most countries – Chinese New Year, Bastille Day in France, Independence Day in the USA and November 5 in the UK. Nowadays though, hardly a month goes by without someone lighting the blue touch paper and standing well back...READ MORE

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Malta Jazz Festival

Say the word ‘jazz’ to someone and you’ll get one of two reactions – it’s either a dreamy eyed look as that person hears a Charley Parker saxophone solo in their mind, or they’ll pull a face as if someone has just served them a raw liver sandwich. There are no half measures – people love or loathe jazz! READ MORE

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Malta Song Festival

No matter how ridiculous you think the Eurovision Song Contest might be - with it’s bizarre range of songs, strange costumes, downright dubious dance routines and hugely predictable political voting - many Maltese people consider it to be a very big deal! READ MORE

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Nadur Carnival

Carnivals to celebrate the start of Lent come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and guises throughout the world. You’ll no doubt know about the one in Rio and pushing that a close second is Mardi Gras in New Orleans. But when it comes to finding Malta’s premier event you need to head for the tiny village of Nadur on Gozo . READ MORE

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Notte Bianca

Ask any art lover to name the best night to visit Valletta and the answer is as obvious as picking a penguin out in the flamingo enclosure. Their answer would be ‘Notte Bianca’ – the capital’s all-night festival of art and culture. READ MORE

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Run The Malta Marathon

Think of the marathon and the same question always pops up – why would any sane person want to run 26 miles 385 yards in one go? It’s not even as if anyone is holding a gun to their head and making them do it! They do it for pleasure! Pleasure!? READ MORE

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Watch Powerboat Racing

Fewer things in life get the adrenaline flowing like blasting along with your backside scraping ‘the surface’ with a hugely powerful engine roaring at your rear. Some people might do this in a car when the surface in question is smooth uniform tarmac. Pah! That’s for big girls! Those with serious balls do it in a boat when said surface is...READ MORE

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