Eat, Drink, Relax in Malta

If there’s one thing Mediterranean countries all know how to produce it’s great food, and Malta is certainly no exception. It should come as no massive shock that fresh fish and seafood are prominent on most menus, while fresh salads and herbs, wonderful cheeses, anchovies and olives are all staples. Look out for the delicious Alijotta, a fish broth, and Fenkata, the national dish - a hearty rabbit stew! There are restaurants covering virtually every type of cuisine to be found here, as you’ll see from this extensive directory. And for a drink, choose from hundreds of bars selling excellent local wines and great beers produced by the island’s brewery Farsons, including Cisk, the local lager-style offering.

Seafood Restaurants

Ix-Xlukkajr Fish Restaurant

We strive to offer our patrons a unique dining experience. Combining Mediterranean Home- made cooking and Maltese Hospitality at its best. READ MORE

Ix-Xlukkajr Fish Restaurant   Malta Seafood Restaurants Holiday Guide Hotels
Quadro Restaurant

Admire stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea while you enjoy an amazing array of fresh fish and shellfish caught daily from those same waters. Winner of the 2010 "Fine Dining Award", Quadro Restaurant has a masterful culinary team that prepares exquisite seafood and meat dishes to showcase the region's best fare. READ MORE

Quadro Restaurant   Malta Seafood Restaurants Holiday Guide Hotels