Attractions in Malta

They say beautiful things come in small packages and that’s exactly what you’ll find with the island of Malta. Peel back the wrapping on this one just a millimetre or two and one small peek reveals scores of captivating, inspiring, exhilarating and intriguing things inside. Many of the attractions on Malta today are shaped by its unique and immense history and they sit comfortably alongside the myriad of modern activities, accommodation, facilities and exciting nightlife you’d expect from a bustling Mediterranean resort.


Carmelite Priory

If you’re looking for a bit of down time on your holiday - somewhere peaceful to spend a moment doing some serious relaxing - then you need to head for the quietest place in Malta. Ha ha, you think, but who’s to say where that might be?  Well, we reckon an active monastery in ‘the Silent City’ must have a decent chance of taking the...READ MORE

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Gozo Citadel

For visitors to Malta, the quaint sister island of Gozo is perhaps the single most enjoyable and interesting day out you could choose. And if you do make that trip then you must go and see Gozo’s number one tourist attraction – The Citadel! READ MORE

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Mosta Dome

Who doesn't love a church with a miracle story attached? Most 'miracle' churches are created to mark the spot where the amazing evet took place. But the miracle in Mosta happened long after the church had been built and was one that led to destruction not construction …  though this episode was not nearly as catastrophic as it might have...READ MORE

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St John's Co-Cathedral

There are two things that we find are most striking once you’ve visited the magnificent St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta . Firstly, it’s probably the first and only co-cathedral you have ever been in and secondly, it has one of the most jaw-droppingly stunning interiors of almost any building you’ll see … created using a very...READ MORE

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St Paul's Catacombs

People like being scared! Otherwise, why would spooky places thrive as tourist attractions? There are plenty of them across Europe. Most – like the ones that go by the name of ‘dungeon’ - are fake spooky. But Malta has one that is spookily real -  the St Paul’s Catacombs in Rabat! READ MORE

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Ta' Pinu Sanctuary - Gozo

When it comes to reputations, Gozo is very much viewed as the much quieter, more relaxed, smaller sibling of Malta. And yet, here in the middle of this tiny tranquil island in Gharb you’ll find one of the most impressive churches you’re ever likely to come across – the Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary. READ MORE

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