Places To Go in Malta

There’s a vast range of things to see on this terrific island so let’s take a whistle-stop tour to give you an idea of how diverse the choice is.  Starting in the south with Marsaxlokk, a quaint and historic fishing village. Up the coast there’s bustling Valletta - capital city - with immense history and charm. Next-door is trendy Sliema with marina, designer shops and fine restaurants. Round the bay is Paceville, home to Malta’s liveliest bars and clubs. West is lofty Mdina, medieval fortress town. North from here are the sandy beaches of Mellieha Bay and the stunning cyan waters of the Blue Lagoon. Enough? That’s not even scratched the surface!

Chilling Out

Rocky Beaches

Most people enjoy a day by the sea. But there is also a fairly large percentage of people who have serious issues with sand – or, more specifically, its annoying habit of lodging in every nook and cranny of your body and grating away until you are red raw! This is where Malta scores heavily because most of the shoreline here is a totally sand-free zone! READ MORE

Rocky Beaches   Malta Chilling Out Holiday Guide Hotels
Sandy Beaches

There are some of us who hated sandy beaches as a child! Not the digging sandcastles and swimming in the sea but the process of getting off them and back to the car or hotel etc - that’s the issue here. All that chafing, grating and abrasion in some very personal places – and it goes on for days – weeks sometimes! READ MORE

Sandy Beaches  Malta Chilling Out Holiday Guide Hotels