Annual Events in Malta

As anyone who has been on the island in the summer time will tell you, the Maltese don’t half love a festival! Pretty much every town, village and city has a massive one every year with deafening and spectacular fireworks let off to mark each event. There are many other music, arts and beer festivals staged on the island that you should try and get along to if you’re trip to Malta coincides with them. For example, look out for the Malta Air Show, the Nadur Carnival or the magical Birgufest with its candle-lit procession.


Malta International Airshow

You can’t help but think the Wright brothers missed a massive trick! When George Stephenson unveiled his revolutionary steam train he had a cool, sexy name – Rocket! So what memorable name would those American siblings bestow on a radically new machine that could actually fly? Well, given the chance to put something in the history books forever,...READ MORE

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