Things To Do & Try in Malta

There’s no end to the list of things you can try your hand at on Malta. The fact that it’s surrounded by crystal clear seas and has a fantastic climate mean that outdoor activities, especially water sports, are very well catered for. The island is a paradise for divers and an ideal place to learn how to sail, snorkel, windsurf and water-ski. Fishing is excellent here too as, of course, is the sightseeing and there are any numbers of ways to tour the many attractions from carriage to quad bikes and horseback to open top buses. You’ll be short of things to do and we’ve compiled a great list of suggestions in case you get stuck.


A Day At A Beach Club

If the three ingredients for your perfect holiday are fun, sun and sea then Malta can certainly provide on all counts. However, you can take all of these to the next level by spending a day in one of the island’s many beach clubs.  READ MORE

A Day At A Beach Club  Malta Relaxing Holiday Guide Hotels
Countryside Walks

Serious hikers think nothing of covering 16 to 20km or more in a day while some also incorporate some fairly serious hills along the way. They might reasonably wonder what opportunities could there be for some serious walking on Malta? After all, this is not a big island. How much walking can you do here?   READ MORE

Countryside Walks  Malta Relaxing Holiday Guide Hotels
Go Clubbing

So we know all about the beautiful beaches, the dazzling warm sea and the guaranteed sun but what are you going to do after dark? Well, if you like a lively night out, busting some moves on the dance floor long after the time when Cinderella’s glass coach departs then you’re in luck. Malta’s club scene is alive and it’s kicking! READ MORE

Go Clubbing  Malta Relaxing Holiday Guide Hotels
Go On A Pub Crawl

Malta’s shores are crammed with different daytime activities. Thanks to the sun and sea you could stay for a month and not get through a fraction of the list of possibilities. But what do you do when the sun goes down? Why, you hit the pub of course, or if you want to make a proper night of it, you hit several of them.  READ MORE

Go On A Pub Crawl  Malta Relaxing Holiday Guide Hotels
Relax At A Lido

If you love to lie around in the sun, take an occasional swim and sip on a cool drink then there are two ways to go in Malta. Firstly, you can hit the beach with everyone else. But if you have a morbid fear of sand, open water, seaweed or fish – or if you just like things a little more refined, then you should head for one of the many lidos.  READ MORE

Relax At A Lido  Malta Relaxing Holiday Guide Hotels
Shop For Jewellery

If there’s one thing Malta is not short of, it is jewellers. There are scores of them on the island and they are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship in creating delicate and extremely intricate filigree jewellery. READ MORE

Shop For Jewellery  Malta Relaxing Holiday Guide Hotels
Souvenir Shopping

It comes to us all at some point during every holiday. You reach a point where the end of your trip is in sight and realise that you’ve not bought any presents for your friends and family back home. More importantly, you’ve not snaffled anything for your own mantelpiece to serve as a memento of your trip. READ MORE

Souvenir Shopping  Malta Relaxing Holiday Guide Hotels