Things To Do & Try in Malta

There’s no end to the list of things you can try your hand at on Malta. The fact that it’s surrounded by crystal clear seas and has a fantastic climate mean that outdoor activities, especially water sports, are very well catered for. The island is a paradise for divers and an ideal place to learn how to sail, snorkel, windsurf and water-ski. Fishing is excellent here too as, of course, is the sightseeing and there are any numbers of ways to tour the many attractions from carriage to quad bikes and horseback to open top buses. You’ll be short of things to do and we’ve compiled a great list of suggestions in case you get stuck.


Learn English

It’s a bit of a no-brainer really. If you can manage to get through this and understand it!! English is the international language of business but there are two countries to choose from in Europe when it comes to learning how to speak it. Those are the rainy old UK, or sun-drenched Malta. So, where you gonna go? READ MORE

Learn English  Malta Educational Holiday Guide Hotels
Learn Maltese

Many visitors to Malta experience a sense of confusion when they land in Malta. Unlike most Mediterranean destinations, all the airport signs and directions are in English, the airport staff will answer any enquiries you have in English, while the officers on Passport Control will talk to you … in English. READ MORE

Learn Maltese  Malta Educational Holiday Guide Hotels
Learn To Fly

If we are to believe the iconic American band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers then ‘coming down is the hardest thing’ when you’re learning to fly. He probably tried to learn on Malta because the rest of it – finding someone to teach you, perfect conditions, great views etc is dead easy!  READ MORE

Learn To Fly  Malta Educational Holiday Guide Hotels
Learn To Sail

I always fancied having a go at sailing. Then, one day, as a student, the opportunity arose. Thing was, my first sailing experience was in extremely high winds on a reservoir … in Manchester …  in the UK … in October. It just about put me off for life! If only I’d begun my sailing career in the clear, blue and pleasantly warm...READ MORE

Learn To Sail  Malta Educational Holiday Guide Hotels
Learn To Swim

It always comes as a shock that the Maltese don’t do better at swimming in the Olympics. After all, this island race lives a very outdoorsy lifestyle, they can swim almost as soon as they can walk and they spend half the year splashing about in the water. You’d think that would count for something! READ MORE

Learn To Swim  Malta Educational Holiday Guide Hotels
Watch Glass Blowing

Innovation is a mystifying thing! What sort of mind thinks they will shape and bake a lump of clay into a pot after digging it from the ground? And who would get an oven-ready duck and think to pronounce that what it needs to set it off is an orange sauce? And who takes glass, melts it and sticks it on a giant metal straw and starts blowing? READ MORE

Watch Glass Blowing  Malta Educational Holiday Guide Hotels
Watch Maltese Lace-making

The longest-ever serving British monarch was Queen Victoria - who by all accounts and images recorded of her was a sour faced old bag. She was famously ‘not amused’ on many occasions but history reveals that all you needed to change her face from its default state of ‘like a slapped backside’ to ‘beaming smiles’ was a scrap...READ MORE

Watch Maltese Lace-making  Malta Educational Holiday Guide Hotels