Things To Do & Try in Malta

There’s no end to the list of things you can try your hand at on Malta. The fact that it’s surrounded by crystal clear seas and has a fantastic climate mean that outdoor activities, especially water sports, are very well catered for. The island is a paradise for divers and an ideal place to learn how to sail, snorkel, windsurf and water-ski. Fishing is excellent here too as, of course, is the sightseeing and there are any numbers of ways to tour the many attractions from carriage to quad bikes and horseback to open top buses. You’ll be short of things to do and we’ve compiled a great list of suggestions in case you get stuck.


Burn Off The Calories

Malta has followed recent social demands and trends by offering health conscious visitors the chance to continue their passion while away from home. So it’s now possible to indulge in the best inter-continental, ethnic or traditional foods, then quickly burn off those excess calories before you grudgingly take the trip back home. READ MORE

Burn Off The Calories  Malta Physical Holiday Guide Hotels
Go Snorkelling

According to those nameless experts that are always being quoted in media reports, watching fish gliding around in a tank is good for your blood pressure. That’s why you often find them in doctor’s waiting rooms! And though they might take your mind off your ingrowing toenail for a minute or two, nothing is as enchanting as seeing some fishy friends...READ MORE

Go Snorkelling  Malta Physical Holiday Guide Hotels
Horse Riding

It was the great British wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill who once said: “When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have.” And who’s going to argue with him? Well, we are! Because while the seat is very important, you can still vastly improve the experience dramatically by altering the view – or put...READ MORE

Horse Riding  Malta Physical Holiday Guide Hotels
Learn To Swim

It always comes as a shock that the Maltese don’t do better at swimming in the Olympics. After all, this island race lives a very outdoorsy lifestyle, they can swim almost as soon as they can walk and they spend half the year splashing about in the water. You’d think that would count for something! READ MORE

Learn To Swim  Malta Physical Holiday Guide Hotels
Play Golf

If you’ve ever seen the horror film The Fly – the one where Jeff Goldblum does some complex scientific body transportation experiment and a fly gets into the chamber - then you’ll understand the irrepressible pull of golf!  READ MORE

Play Golf  Malta Physical Holiday Guide Hotels
Ride A Quad Bike

Take people away from their homes and put them is a strange country and they'll suddenly get the urge to do all kinds of different activities. They'll do stuff on holiday they would not dream of attempting in their everyday life back home. Things like base jumping, tombstoning and para-gliding! But what do you do if you’re afraid of heights? READ MORE

Ride A Quad Bike  Malta Physical Holiday Guide Hotels
Run The Malta Marathon

Think of the marathon and the same question always pops up – why would any sane person want to run 26 miles 385 yards in one go? It’s not even as if anyone is holding a gun to their head and making them do it! They do it for pleasure! Pleasure!? READ MORE

Run The Malta Marathon  Malta Physical Holiday Guide Hotels
Sport Fishing

The crystal clear azure waters of the Mediterranean provide the vast majority of outdoor activity opportunities for visitors to Malta. Some of them take place above the waves, while others involve exploring what there is beneath them. But this one is a mixture of both – it’s sport fishing! READ MORE

Sport Fishing  Malta Physical Holiday Guide Hotels

What's the hardest thing about waterskiing? Finding some sloping water to practice on! Ah, the old ones are the best! But seriously, Malta boasts warm, calm, crystal clear seas, baking hot sun and plenty of powerboats! Could it be any more perfect for waterskiing? READ MORE

Waterskiing  Malta Physical Holiday Guide Hotels

There are few places in the world that are as perfect for windsurfing as Malta. Everything about it is perfect for this activity – in fact the only problem you might encounter is that the weather’s so good in the summer you might not have enough wind! READ MORE

Windsurfing  Malta Physical Holiday Guide Hotels
Wreck Diving

OK, so Malta has got it going on when you consider the surface of things but what do you get if you take a peek below its outer garments? What’s horrors might we see hidden beneath those crystal clear waters if we donned a wet suit and went diving? READ MORE

Wreck Diving  Malta Physical Holiday Guide Hotels