Things To Do & Try in Malta

There’s no end to the list of things you can try your hand at on Malta. The fact that it’s surrounded by crystal clear seas and has a fantastic climate mean that outdoor activities, especially water sports, are very well catered for. The island is a paradise for divers and an ideal place to learn how to sail, snorkel, windsurf and water-ski. Fishing is excellent here too as, of course, is the sightseeing and there are any numbers of ways to tour the many attractions from carriage to quad bikes and horseback to open top buses. You’ll be short of things to do and we’ve compiled a great list of suggestions in case you get stuck.


Catch The Sliema Ferry

Spend any time in Valletta and you can’t help but be impressed by its magnificent and historic Grand Harbour. And if you make it to the lovely Valletta Waterfront complex when there’s a cruise liner in port then you’ll no doubt feel a pang of jealousy when seeing those lucky passengers, who’ve avoided all the traffic and parking...READ MORE

Catch The Sliema Ferry  Malta Practical Holiday Guide Hotels
Get Your Teeth Fixed

You have to feel sorry for dentists! Like lawyers, doctors and traffic wardens they’re people that no-one ever wants to see. Most people look forward to a trip to their local surgery about as much as clearing out a blocked toilet with their bare hands – but it can be made that much more pleasant by visiting a dentist in Malta. READ MORE

Get Your Teeth Fixed  Malta Practical Holiday Guide Hotels
Hire A Car

Driving in Malta has changed massively over past couple of decades, as the amount and standard of vehicles on the island has increased. Also experiencing massive upsurges has been the average speed and frequency of traffic jams, while available parking has plummeted. But do not be afraid, or put off, because in spite of all this, driving here is still fairly...READ MORE

Hire A Car  Malta Practical Holiday Guide Hotels
Hire A Motorbike

In our article dedicated to renting a car on Malta, we said that it was still the best way of seeing the island. We lied … well, we sort of lied because it is the best way of getting around and seeing the island – unless you are an experienced biker with a motorcycle licence! READ MORE

Hire A Motorbike  Malta Practical Holiday Guide Hotels
Hold A Conference

It is no over-statement to say that many regular tourists to Malta first discovered the island when attending a conference. Thousands of people every year come over on business and decide they need to return for a week or two on holiday and see the place properly.  READ MORE

Hold A Conference  Malta Practical Holiday Guide Hotels
Invest In Property

We’ve all done it! We’re on holiday, wandering along a shopping street when we spot an estate agent’s window. The thought process is pretty much the same for everyone: “It’s lovely here. I wonder how much it costs to buy something?” READ MORE

Invest In Property  Malta Practical Holiday Guide Hotels
Record An Album

We all dream of being stars in the music world, selling more albums than Adele or Lady Ga Ga and living in a gold-plated house with hot and cold running servants and a chocolate fountain in the entrance hall. It's just one of those things that appeals to millions, like playing professional sport or winning the lottery.  READ MORE

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Sightseeing Bus

Never discount a Sightseeing Bus Tour! Even though you may consider yourself a ‘traveller’ not a ‘tourist’, someone keen to immerse yourself in the culture of a new nation, these vehicles still have their place and provide an excellent and valuable service – especially on Malta! READ MORE

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Write A 'Best-seller'

Since Roman and medieval times, Malta has played temporary home to many famous literary names in history, from Cicero, Coleridge and Lord Byron to Desmond Morris and Nicholas Monsarrat. And then there was the country’s homegrown famous literary son, Edward de Bono – he of lateral thinking fame. All sought help from the inspirational island.   READ MORE

Write A 'Best-seller'  Malta Practical Holiday Guide Hotels