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Malta is ideally appointed to provide everything you need to make the happiest day of your life … the, err, happiest day of your life! And for any men reading, that’s not the day when your team wins the Champions’ League Final - the happiest day of your life is your wedding day, of course!

We’ve waxed lyrical elsewhere on this site (here in fact) about how great Malta is providing everything you need for the big day. With its global reputation for lace-making, myriad of churches, highly developed service industry and Mediterranean larder - it can provide the perfect package for your nuptials.


But if you opt against taking the plunge overseas and if you’ve got people you really want to be there who are not willing or able to fly to attend the big day, then why not do the next big thing? Honeymoon in Malta!


If you put together a honeymoon checklist then this island will certainly tick most of the boxes for most people. It’s got the sun, the beautiful sea, fantastic food, plenty of history and sights to see, masses of things to do and a lively nightlife. There are also hundreds of hotels and holiday apartments for you to spend a perfect break.


It fits the bill whether you just want to kick back and gaze adoringly at each other on adjacent sun beds, or if you want to explore together, do and see cultural things, take romantic boat trips or carriage rides, or even if you want to do exciting activities like paragliding, waterskiing, quad biking, windsurfing, scuba diving or sailing. Malta has the whole range whatever your tastes – unless it’s skiing you’re after, in which case you’re going to need to go somewhere colder!


Thanks to its firmly established holiday culture, Malta is already geared up to welcome all people from overseas and can even act as an ideal brief stop-over point if you want to fly on to more exotic climes. It serves as a good European base for heading into Africa or the Middle East. Or, if you’re doing things the other way round and coming to Europe from the south or east then it’s a perfect first stop as you begin a tour of Western Europe.


If you’re on the lookout for something a bit special, or unusual, then try contacting one of the local honeymoon planning experts. They can arrange everything for you and make sure the whole honeymoon is just what you want. Every day can be as activity-packed or kept as free as you want it to be. You’ll be surprised what can be arranged. All you need to do is ask the question and let them set to work. It’s their job after all.


So whether you want a lazy time in the sun or an active fortnight taking advantage of the great weather to indulge in water sports, or something in between, you can be sure to find it on Malta. Memorable honeymoons can be had here for most couples.

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